The Fallacy That Vaccinating 70% Achieves Group Immunity: "we Don't

The fallacy that vaccinating 70% achieves group immunity: “We don’t know when we will reach it”

Specialists do not consider 70% vaccinated as a “magic” figure that justifies the lifting of measures. The concept of group, or herd, immunity is one of the most slippery of all that we have learned with the pandemic. It is very easy to define it: the indirect protection that is achieved when a population becomes […]

"i Think There Is Extraterrestrial Life, And We Don't Know

“I think there is extraterrestrial life, and we don’t know what we are going to find”

Astronomer Dimitar Sasselov, an expert in ‘hunting’ for Earth-like planets, hopes to find new forms of life within fifty years. Showing off the adventurous spirit of his ancestors, who set out to explore new worlds in the time of Ancient Greece, Dimitar Sasselov (Sofia, Bulgaria, 1961) is Hunter of planets, specifically, of those that are […]

How To Get Omega 3 If You Don't Like Fish: These

How to get omega-3 if you don’t like fish: these are the alternatives

There are several options to fish to obtain the necessary doses of omega-3, an essential nutrient for cardiovascular health. More and more attention is being paid to food as a fundamental factor for leading a healthy life. This is indicated by the last Food Security Eurobarometer, which reflects that two out of five Europeans they […]

Right Now You Are Yawning Even If You Don't Want

Right now you are yawning even if you don’t want to: the reason is in your brain

The imitative yawn reflex is so powerful that trying to contain it reinforces it, according to a neurological study. If the sleepy lady in the picture hasn’t infected you with her yawn, congratulations on your willpower. But let us put on the Darth Vader helmet and hollow out our voices to announce that all resistance […]