The Fallacy That Vaccinating 70% Achieves Group Immunity: "we Don't

The fallacy that vaccinating 70% achieves group immunity: “We don’t know when we will reach it”

Specialists do not consider 70% vaccinated as a “magic” figure that justifies the lifting of measures. The concept of group, or herd, immunity is one of the most slippery of all that we have learned with the pandemic. It is very easy to define it: the indirect protection that is achieved when a population becomes […]

Pioneer Treatment Of Parkinson's: A Group Of Monkeys Cured With

Pioneer treatment of Parkinson’s: a group of monkeys cured with stem cells

The scientists restored the neurons responsible for dopamine, counteracting the effects of the disease. Parkinson’s disease, characterized by symptoms such as body stiffness, tremors and even behavior and memory changes that resemble Alzheimer’s, is one of the most widespread neurodegenerative disorders of the 21st century. Sadly, no cure. 50 years ago, as some videos show, […]

The 'enigma' Of Children And Covid: Is It Necessary To

The ‘enigma’ of children and Covid: is it necessary to vaccinate them to achieve group immunity?

A new study published in the journal ‘JAMA Network Open’ suggests that it would not be essential as long as some variables were considered. As the vaccines against Covid-19 are deployed in Spain, the composition of the groups with priority to receive the sera from the different manufacturers is unraveling, at least from those who […]