Mate: Benefits And Properties Of The 'fat Burning' Infusion That

Mate: benefits and properties of the ‘fat burning’ infusion that helps with cholesterol

Mate is more than a ritual infusion as it provides multiple benefits to the body, including fat burning that helps in weight loss diets. It has become an icon thanks to celebrities like Messi, who has appeared on multiple occasions sipping his tea in public. The infused yerba mate leaves, Ilex paraguariensis in their scientific […]

The Popular Diet That Helps You Lose Weight In A

The popular diet that helps you lose weight in a healthy way and avoid infections

A new study suggests that fasting “has the potential to beneficially modulate infectious gastrointestinal diseases.” Fasting before and during exposure to the bacteria Salmonella enterica protects mice from developing full-blown infection, in part because of the changes in the gut microbiome of animalsAccording to new research published in PLOS Pathogens by Bruce Vallance and colleagues […]

The 'supervegetable' That Has More Iron Than Meat And More

The ‘supervegetable’ that has more iron than meat and more calcium than milk (and helps you lose weight)

Kale or curly cabbage is one of the vegetables that provide the most nutrients to our body and has a high antioxidant power. Despite its original name, kale is a type of kale from the cabbage family, a classification that diminishes its appeal, if it is named this way in the influencer world. Its popularity […]

Ashwagandha: The Benefits Of The Iron Rich 'other Ginseng' That Helps

Ashwagandha: The Benefits of the Iron-Rich ‘Other Ginseng’ That Helps You Sleep

Ashwagandha is a ‘superfood’ that stimulates the body and effectively combats stress, weakness and lack of sleep in a natural way. Ashwagandha is the Sanskrit name of the storm (Withania somnifera), a plant of the family of the Solanaceae also known as oroval, orval, greater nightshade or ginseng indio, for being especially indicated to combat […]