The World Needs Oxytocin: The Hormone Of Love Is Also

The world needs oxytocin: the hormone of love is also the hormone of friendship

The investigation of the substances that make the company pleasant opens the door to social applications. With the world on the brink of nuclear war, diplomacy manages to bring together the leaders of USA Y North Korea for one last desperate attempt at dialogue. While both men shake hands and challenge each other with their […]

Football, Bulls And Festivals: What The Success Of The Love

Football, bulls and festivals: what the success of the Love of Lesbian concert implies

The event that brought together 5,000 people has resulted in only six infections, but it included measures that not everyone is replicating. There was something about the Love of Lesbian concert at the Palau Sant Jordi on March 27 that shocked in an instinctive, almost aesthetic way. In the midst of a rebound that was […]

The Love Scandal That Almost Cost Marie Curie Her Second

The love scandal that almost cost Marie Curie her second Nobel

The Swedish Academy tried to get the Polish woman to renounce the award after learning that she had a relationship with a married physicist younger than her, a bomb in the Parisian press at the time. Pierre and Marie Curie form the most famous marriage of the history of science. In 1906, just three years […]

The Love Triangle Of Nasa Astronauts That Almost Ended In

The love triangle of NASA astronauts that almost ended in tragedy

It marks a decade in the story of astronaut Lisa Nowak, accused of kidnapping and attempted murder of a companion, a rival for the love of another astronaut. Sometimes the passion ends in crime. You don’t have to look in novels, soap operas, in other times or in the humblest classes of society. Also those […]