The World Needs Oxytocin: The Hormone Of Love Is Also

The world needs oxytocin: the hormone of love is also the hormone of friendship

The investigation of the substances that make the company pleasant opens the door to social applications. With the world on the brink of nuclear war, diplomacy manages to bring together the leaders of USA Y North Korea for one last desperate attempt at dialogue. While both men shake hands and challenge each other with their […]

Spain Needs More Spice: This Is What Happens To Your

Spain needs more spice: this is what happens to your body if you eat it every day

Although not everyone tolerates spicy food, its benefits for the body are many, including reinforcing cardiovascular health. Spicy is a constant in many kitchens, also in Spain. Its presence is common in many dishes and gastronomic proposals. For example, we can point to Mexican food, in which the spicy has the hegemony in many of […]