Mate: Benefits And Properties Of The 'fat Burning' Infusion That

Mate: benefits and properties of the ‘fat burning’ infusion that helps with cholesterol

Mate is more than a ritual infusion as it provides multiple benefits to the body, including fat burning that helps in weight loss diets. It has become an icon thanks to celebrities like Messi, who has appeared on multiple occasions sipping his tea in public. The infused yerba mate leaves, Ilex paraguariensis in their scientific […]

Royal Jelly: The Benefits And Properties Of The 'almighty' Food

Royal jelly: the benefits and properties of the ‘almighty’ food of bees

It is the superfood to which endless benefits are attributed, but science has been in charge of denying many of them. Royal jelly is one of the first superfoods that came into our lives. Present in traditional medicine and rescued from oblivion in the sixties, the star product of nutritional supplements has come back into […]

From Venice To Stonehenge: The Map Of The 10 World

From Venice to Stonehenge: the map of the 10 World Heritage properties under threat

Places with great universal value have suffered various degrees of deterioration in the last ten years due to environmental factors, all of them aggravated by climate change. World Heritage is subjected to an “unprecedented” threat generated by the climate crisis (also in Spain), which increases its vulnerability in all kinds of “ecosystems, regions and climates”, […]