The Weather In Spain For Tomorrow, Tuesday, January 5: Snowfall,

The weather in Spain for tomorrow, Tuesday, January 5: snowfall, cold and frost

A new Atlantic storm will leave low temperatures in almost all of Spain. The approach of a new Atlantic storm will leave abnormally low temperatures in almost all of Spain and will put Castilla y León on an orange warning and eight other autonomous communities on yellow, with snowfall throughout the north, especially in Cantabria […]

Why Filomena Causes The Heaviest Snowfall In Years In Madrid

Why Filomena causes the heaviest snowfall in years in Madrid despite climate change

Global warming does not imply that there are no heavy snowfalls; on the contrary, it encourages extreme weather episodes like Filomena. Some deniers have already made their own deduction: if we are immersed in a process of global warming, that the world is determined to fight, how is it possible that snowfalls are taking place […]

Is The Global 'new Ice Age' Coming? Arctic Cold And

Is the global ‘new Ice Age’ coming? Arctic cold and snowfall never seen in Spain

The Sun’s low activity has once been linked to global cooling, but warming is now the dominant factor. A frequent resource in the arsenal of skeptics against global warming is to recall that, some 50 years ago, the popular idea regarding climate change was that the world was getting colder not warmer. An article about […]

The Weather In Spain For Today, Thursday, December 24: Snowfall

The weather in Spain for today, Thursday, December 24: snowfall is expected

Strong wind is also expected in the extreme north of the peninsula. The State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) foresees for today, Thursday, December 24 snowfall from 1,000 meters in the extreme north of the peninsula during the second half of the day, as well as intervals of strong wind on the coast of Galicia, Cantabrian and […]

The Worst Of The Storm Arrives In Spain: New Storms,

The worst of the storm arrives in Spain: new storms, heavy rains and snowfall

After the respite on Wednesday, the ‘carousel of storms’ continues with milder temperatures but higher rainfall. Today, Wednesday, December 9, is a day of transition after the passage of the storm Ernest with a slightly less rainy environment but still cold, reports Francisco Martín León, meteorologist at Meteored. Precipitation will be concentrated in the Cantabrian […]

The First Great Winter Storm Arrives In Spain: From The

The first great winter storm arrives in Spain: from the Clement storm to the snowfall

The arrival of climatological winter coincides with the last storm of the hurricane season and the first big drop in temperatures. The passage of the Clement storm, which mainly affects the Canary Islands, is leaving rains in various parts of the Peninsula that precede a sharp drop in temperatures from Wednesday, a prelude to the […]

The Weather For This Monday: Heavy Rains And Snowfall Arrive

The weather for this Monday: heavy rains and snowfall arrive in the north

They may also have a certain intensity and persistence in mountain areas in the Strait and the Balearic Islands, where there may be occasional storms. The State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) has announced for this Monday locally heavy and persistent precipitation in Galicia and in the Cantabrian area and snow-capped in high areas of the north […]