The Unexpected Exercise That Reduces Body Fat And That You

The unexpected exercise that reduces body fat and that you often avoid

Lifting weights not only serves to show off bigger muscles, recent research claims that it also helps burn fat. Weight loss in general, and fat loss in particular, is one of the goals most pursued by gym customers in Spain. However, most of them continue to attach great importance to aerobic-type sports —such as running, […]

The Unexpected Reason Why Excess Fat Can Break Your Heart

The unexpected reason why excess fat can break your heart

Research has found another reason why excess fat in the diet promotes cardiovascular disease. According to a study published in the journal Sciencea high-fat diet alters the biology of the inner lining of the intestine and their microbial communities, and promotes the production of a metabolite that can contribute to heart disease. Findings in animal […]

This Is The Unexpected Behavior That Chimpanzees And Humans Share

This is the unexpected behavior that chimpanzees and humans share

As people get older in Spain they tend to give priority to old friends, due to the feeling that their future is limited. This behavior has been observed for the first time in wild male chimpanzees. As we age, human beings change the way we interact socially. Instead of continuing to make new friends, old […]

This Is The Unexpected Consequence Of The Covid Confinement In

This is the unexpected consequence of the Covid confinement in Barcelona

Between May and June, the Citizen Observatory of Urban Butterflies counted 28% more species and 74% more specimens than in 2019. Confinement and rain have triggered butterfly populations in the city of Barcelona, ​​according to the Citizen Observatory of Urban Butterflies (uBMS), which has recorded between May and June a 28% more species different butterflies […]

The Daily Habit That Provides An Unexpected And Surprising Protection

The daily habit that provides an unexpected and surprising protection against Covid-19

Good oral hygiene would not prevent contagion, but it would prevent complications and even death from Covid-19, according to a new scientific model. Given the persistence of infections by Sars-CoV-2 and the gradual increase in income from Covid-19 in Spain, any protection option against the disease is welcome. Even if, in turn, health is improved […]