The Fallacy That Vaccinating 70% Achieves Group Immunity: "we Don't

The fallacy that vaccinating 70% achieves group immunity: “We don’t know when we will reach it”

Specialists do not consider 70% vaccinated as a “magic” figure that justifies the lifting of measures. The concept of group, or herd, immunity is one of the most slippery of all that we have learned with the pandemic. It is very easy to define it: the indirect protection that is achieved when a population becomes […]

Pfizer Plans To Start Vaccinating Babies And Young Children Against

Pfizer plans to start vaccinating babies and young children against Covid after the summer

The pharmacist will request authorization for children from two years of age in September, and for those older than six months in November. The American pharmaceutical company Pfizer declares that it plans to request approval before the end of this year. for emergency use of its Covid-19 vaccine among children of all ages. Pfizer expects […]

Vaccinating People Over 80 With A Single Dose Of Astrazeneca

Vaccinating people over 80 with a single dose of AstraZeneca is effective: the study that supports it

Oxford’s vaccine would provide even greater cellular immunity than Pfizer’s after the first dose. A preliminary study from the University of Birmingham reinforces the British strategy of providing a first dose of the AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine and delaying the second beyond the manufacturer’s indication, in order to provide sufficient immunization to the largest group of people, […]

Pfizer Biontech Asks The Eu For Permission To Start Vaccinating Children

Pfizer-BioNTech asks the EU for permission to start vaccinating children against Covid

Teenagers could start getting the vaccine in the summer, and children as young as 6 months in the fall. The vaccine against Covid-19 from the German laboratory BioNTech developed jointly with the American pharmaceutical company Pfizer will be available to all children over six months from next fall, advanced this Thursday the weekly The mirror. […]