The Fallacy That Vaccinating 70% Achieves Group Immunity: "we Don't

The fallacy that vaccinating 70% achieves group immunity: “We don’t know when we will reach it”

Specialists do not consider 70% vaccinated as a “magic” figure that justifies the lifting of measures. The concept of group, or herd, immunity is one of the most slippery of all that we have learned with the pandemic. It is very easy to define it: the indirect protection that is achieved when a population becomes […]

Lumps In The Neck: When To Worry And Consult A

Lumps in the neck: when to worry and consult a doctor

The vast majority of thyroid nodules are harmless, but others require diagnosis and treatment in a specialized unit. Feeling your neck when doing a regular activity, such as washing or dressing, and finding solid lumps to the touch can be a distressing experience for many. What are they, and how can they affect health? The […]

When Will The Cold Wave End And The Snow Will

When will the cold wave end and the snow will go away: the forecast by region for Spain

The rise in temperatures is not expected until the weekend, so the snow cover and ice will persist for several more days. On the third morning of the historic cold wave suffered by the center and the northern half of the peninsula, Castilla-La Mancha and Aragón lead the ranking of the coldest night, where the […]

These are the foods that can destroy your intestine when you go on a trip

These are the foods that can destroy your intestine when you go on a trip

The dietitian-nutritionist María del Mar Silva makes some recommendations of foods that we should avoid if we want a light and calm trip. Traveling or going on vacation means getting out of the routine, disconnecting and doing something different. Leaving our main room, office or home is always a pleasure, but be careful, if precautions […]

This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Stop

This is what happens to your body when you stop eating meat

People who follow vegetarian diets have healthier biomarkers according to a recently published study in the United Kingdom. Vegetarians seem to have a healthier biomarker profile than meat eaters, and this applies to adults of any age and weight, and is also unaffected by smoking and alcohol consumption, according to a new study of more […]

The 'trick' In Spain Of Drinking Gazpacho When You Eat

The ‘trick’ in Spain of drinking gazpacho when you eat lentils: healthy and nutritious

Lentils are a source of iron, but depending on what foods you eat with them, you will get more or less of this mineral. Although lentils are a dish that raises passions in Spain, summer is not its best time. As they are usually served hot, these legumes have usually been associated with cold winter […]

The Return To Spain Without Masks, Just Around The Corner:

The return to Spain without masks, just around the corner: when, where and how will it happen

By mid-July, more than 50% of Spaniards will have both doses of the vaccine. Has the time come to lift certain restrictions? This week, Israel has raised the obligation to wear a mask in open spaces. The good vaccination data for Covid-19, with more than half of the population already immunized with the full schedule, […]

This Is What Happens In Your Body When You Exercise

This is what happens in your body when you exercise with cloth masks

An essay published in the magazine ‘BMJ’ reveals that face masks reduce physical capacity and generate feelings of claustrophobia. Several studies have looked at the impact of surgical mask use on cardiovascular and subjective responses to exercise. But nevertheless, these masks are not in widespread use, and few studies have looked at the impact of […]