The World Needs Oxytocin: The Hormone Of Love Is Also

The world needs oxytocin: the hormone of love is also the hormone of friendship

The investigation of the substances that make the company pleasant opens the door to social applications. With the world on the brink of nuclear war, diplomacy manages to bring together the leaders of USA Y North Korea for one last desperate attempt at dialogue. While both men shake hands and challenge each other with their […]

The World Map You Learned Is Not Real: This Is

The world map you learned is not real: this is the one you need to know

In 1974, the German historian Aldo Peters published a new cartographic projection, which contradicts that of Gerardus Mercator, the most widespread. What if the idea that all the inhabitants of the planet have about the distribution of countries is false? doWe may have lived deceived and in reality the size of the continents is not […]

From Venice To Stonehenge: The Map Of The 10 World

From Venice to Stonehenge: the map of the 10 World Heritage properties under threat

Places with great universal value have suffered various degrees of deterioration in the last ten years due to environmental factors, all of them aggravated by climate change. World Heritage is subjected to an “unprecedented” threat generated by the climate crisis (also in Spain), which increases its vulnerability in all kinds of “ecosystems, regions and climates”, […]

The Dark Side Of Biden's Environmentalism: Why It Won't Change

The dark side of Biden’s environmentalism: why it won’t change the world

The new US president has among his main missions the fight against climate change (which affects Spain and the entire planet). But despite the fact that expectations are high, his program has shadows. From the world of environmentalism we have received with relief Donald Trump’s electoral defeat in the US presidential election. Trump has been […]

Success Of Spanish Medicine: Operated On A Thrombus The 'smallest

Success of Spanish medicine: operated on a thrombus the ‘smallest patient in the world’

This is the first extraction of a cerebral thrombus in a child of only two months of age, performed at the Hospital 12 de Octubre. Professionals from the Radiodiagnosis service of the Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre in Madrid have successfully carried out a thrombectomy (removal of a thrombus) in a cerebral artery in the […]

Freshwater Dolphins Around The World Are Already Threatened With Extinction

Freshwater dolphins around the world are already threatened with extinction

Meanwhile, the European bison has gone from ‘vulnerable’ to ‘near threatened’ thanks to continued conservation efforts. According to the latest update of the Red List of the International Union (IUCN) for the Conservation of Nature of Threatened Species, 31 species have become ‘extinct’ and all species of freshwater dolphins of the world are already threatened […]