Alert For The Arrival Of The Winter Storm Dora In

Alert for the arrival of the winter storm Dora in Spain: these are the affected areas

The deep storm will affect practically the entire Peninsula and the Balearic Islands over the next few days, although not with the same intensity.

The situation of the Dora storm over Spain as of Friday.  The time is

After the Clement storm that affected the Canary Islands, a new one arrives with its own name. Dora will mainly affect the peninsular north with a winter storm, although it will also leave its effects in more areas, according to the analysis of

The first consequences of Dora will be noticed from the afternoon-night of Thursday. However, it will be Friday when rainfall is widespread during the early morning and tomorrow in the peninsula and the Balearic Islands.

The Atlantic storm Dora will therefore leave the first winter-tinged storm of the season in the coming days in which they will stand out very strong gusts of wind, major maritime storm, a sharp drop in temperatures and snowfall in almost the entire country.

Dora, which will remain until Sunday in the surroundings of the British Isles, will move over the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands a mass of very cold air from high latitudes, leaving winter values ​​and abundant snowfall in mountainous areas and even in lower areas of the interior of the peninsula, reports the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet).

This Thursday a cold front will penetrate through Galicia and the Bay of Biscay, with rains that will move towards the rest of the country accompanied by strong winds from the west and falling temperatures, in a snow level between 500-900 meters in mountain areas and, occasionally, in lower areas of the Plateau.

Segovia and Avila they will turn white in the next few hours. are anticipated snowfall on friday, being more likely during the early hours of the morning and less at the end of the day.

The snow level will be around 1000 m and with possible accumulations of about 5 cm, and also both capitals will be able to see snow. Snow is not expected on Saturday, while some light precipitation is not ruled out on Sunday. Rain is forecast early next week.

The southeastern mountain ranges also expect significant snowfall, but they will arrive later than other points. The first precipitations on Friday will be in the form of rain, although the snow level will drop and at noon it will be between 1000-1200 m.

Snowfall is also expected on Friday afternoon and early Saturday at lower levels of 600-700 m. In addition, the area has orange notices for strong gusts of wind about 90 km/h.

On Saturday and Sunday the whole country will continue to be under the influence of the cold and unstable air mass, with rainfall that will affect the north of the peninsula, mainly the Cantabrian area, and the Balearic Islands, as well as strong gusts of wind from the west that will increase the sensation of cold. As of Saturday afternoon there will be no rainfall, but the cold will continue. Next week will start with generous rains in the area.

This situation will cause bad state of the sea, especially in the Atlantic, where wind and sea storms are expected on the Galician and Cantabrian coast with strong waves that could reach between 5 and 8 meters, while in the Mediterranean, north-northwest winds are expected affecting the coast of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, with waves of 3 to 4 meters.

The coastal warnings have been orange since Thursday and will remain in place for the next few days. Red notices for extreme risk Friday and Saturday on the coast of A Coruña with waves of up to 9 m.

It will be the only area in the country where rainfall would continue throughout the bridge. On Friday, the snow level will be low, around 500. On Saturday it will go up, but it will continue to snow in the mountains, while it rains in the rest.

Throughout the next week the arrival of new Atlantic storms is likely, although today the uncertainty is very high, so Aemet recommends monitoring your predictions and warnings.