The Un Alert On The Drop In Emissions Due To

The UN alert on the drop in emissions due to the pandemic: it is just a mirage

The coronavirus crisis “has briefly slowed down (in Spain and around the world) the historical and increasing burden of human activity on the Earth’s climate,” denounces a UNEP report. The global impact of the coronavirus pandemic will reduce the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2), one of the main greenhouse gases, this year. but it will […]

This Is What Happens In Your Body When You Exercise

This is what happens in your body when you exercise with cloth masks

An essay published in the magazine ‘BMJ’ reveals that face masks reduce physical capacity and generate feelings of claustrophobia. Several studies have looked at the impact of surgical mask use on cardiovascular and subjective responses to exercise. But nevertheless, these masks are not in widespread use, and few studies have looked at the impact of […]

The Weather For This Monday: Heavy Rains And Snowfall Arrive

The weather for this Monday: heavy rains and snowfall arrive in the north

They may also have a certain intensity and persistence in mountain areas in the Strait and the Balearic Islands, where there may be occasional storms. The State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) has announced for this Monday locally heavy and persistent precipitation in Galicia and in the Cantabrian area and snow-capped in high areas of the north […]

The 'mothers' Of Crispr/cas9: "in Spain The Cuts In Research

The ‘mothers’ of CRISPR/Cas9: “In Spain the cuts in research have lasted too long”

Jennifer Doudna and Emmanuelle Charpentier, creators of the revolutionary genetic editing tool, calculate that with these ‘scissors’ diseases will be cured in just a few years. The genetic revolution most important of recent times began as the great stories of science: simply curiosity. In the nineties, the microbiologist Francisco Martínez Mojica (Elche, 1963), who worked […]

The Man From Madrid Whose Equations Could Be Worth A

The man from Madrid whose equations could be worth a million dollars

By describing what happens when a wave breaks, the mathematician Javier Gómez-Serrano paves the way for elucidating one of the Problems of the Millennium. Javier Gomez-Serrano receive in the Institute of Mathematical Sciences (ICMAT)from Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) in a T-shirt, shorts and sandals, and he laughs when the journalist asks, silly, if in […]