Colder In Spain Than In Warsaw For Christmas: These Are

Colder in Spain than in Warsaw for Christmas: these are the places affected

Beginning Thursday, December 24, a cold polar air mass will cause thermometers in some regions to drop below freezing.

Night frosts and snow in mountain areas.  EFE

The weather will leave us a quiet Christmas with some rain and snowfall in the north of the peninsula. But on Thursday a cold polar air mass will cause thermometers in some regions to drop. to values ​​below zero and below the minimum temperatures of Warsaw, as it progresses

Temperatures are rising above normal values ​​for the time of year in most of the European continent. Spain is also experiencing abnormally high temperatures, although this trend will change from Thursday when it arrives a mass of cold polar air to areas of northwestern Europe, including our country.

The minimums will drop in the northern half of the peninsula with frosts in mountain areas that will be more extensive. While the temperatures maximum will drop across the board except in the extreme south of the peninsula and the Balearic Islands.

The Christmas night, it will be even colder. Temperatures will continue to drop and frosts will be intense in the north and will also appear in inland areas. So much so that it will be colder in many provincial capitals than in Warsaw, Berlin, Kiev, Vienna or Budapest, where temperatures will be at or slightly above 0°C.

Despite the fact that the cold air mass will also affect many areas of Europe, these days the values ​​are well above normal for this time of year. The decrease, although it will be sharp, will remain at values ​​slightly higher than those of some areas of Spain.

This descent will continue on Saturday, lowering even more at dawn and continuing during the day in the east and south of the peninsula, with an anticyclonic situation during the weekend. The frosts will spread throughout much of the peninsular interior.

“This cold air mass will not bring significant precipitation, but it will provide a cold environment. On Saturday temperatures will be below normal for this time of year in much of Spain. The frosts will spread throughout many areas of the country,” he points out. Mar Gómez, head of the meteorology area at and Ph.D. in Physics.

snowfall in northern mountains

This Wednesday some rainfall is expected in the peninsular northwest that can affect other areas of the Bay of Biscay, the western Pyrenees and areas of the western peninsula. The snow level will drop to 1000 m in the Cantabrian Mountains.

On Thursday, an anticyclone over the North Atlantic will produce winds from the north and northeast, driving humid air towards the Bay of Biscay where precipitation is expected.

They will be in the form of snow in the Cantabrian mountain range and the Pyrenees where the height will be about 1000-1200 m. The day of Christmas the share will go down to 600-800 m and there will be snowfalls at dawn, during the day the precipitation will subside.

More snow and cold for the end of the year?

Despite the uncertainty, As of Sunday, the peninsula and the Balearic Islands could be affected by a powerful storm and its associated front that would lead to widespread rainfall with the possibility of snowfall at low levels. Temperatures could rise on Sunday to drop again across the board on Monday.

“The end of this year 2020 could be marked by cold temperatures and snowfall in many areas of Spain. A powerful storm could condition the weather in the final stretch of the year”, Mar Gomez explains.