He Smoked Marijuana And Cut His Penis: "i Thought He

He smoked marijuana and cut his penis: “I thought he was talking about his neighbors”

Various scientific studies have shown that cannabis use can cause episodes of fatal psychosis in humans.

A barber's razor, ready to be used.

That marijuana is a drug that can dramatically affect our mental faculties has been known for a long time. Different studies have shown that there is a direct relationship between prolonged cannabis use and the risk of developing diseases such as depression or paranoid schizophrenia. Despite being considered a soft drug, Grifa has come to cause delusional psychotic breaks in some subjects who, on occasions, have ended up with self-mutilation.

Magazine Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine posted a few years ago one of the wildest and creepiest cases that has been collected in the scientific literature in recent times. A 35-year-old man ripped his penis out with a razor after suffering a psychotic break caused by marijuana use.

It happened in the Indian city of Aligarh, south of New Delhi. According to the story told by the police officer who went to the scene, Y. – let’s call him that – was found alone, in shock and with massive bleeding in the genital area. After being transferred to one of the hospitals in the area, the doctors who treated him found that his virile member had been cut. “It was a clean cut that, by its direction, confirmed that the person was right-handed. The weapon had been placed near the abdominal wall, directed downwards and forwards, causing an opening in the urinary bladder”, reports the case study in the forensic magazine.

When police returned to the scene of the incident to investigate hours later, they found a bloody razor similar to those used by barbers. The traces of blood that they found in it coincided with those of Y. They also managed to recover the amputated virile member lying on the ground. However, the reconstruction was impossible because a long time had passed since the time of the event.

“An electronic signal”

When the injured man regained consciousness, he verbalized a delirious story about what had happened. “The patient admitted that he mutilated his penis to protect himself from the conspiracies that surrounded him. […] He explained that his neighbors were planning to kill him and that it was his penis that was sending him an electronic signal informing them about everything that was going through his mind. He also assured that he heard voices from God and that those voices ordered him to cut it off.”

According to Mohammad Amir and Shaukat A. Hanif, the doctors from the Department of Forensic Medicine and Psychiatry at Aligarh Muslim University who studied the case, Y.’s relatives acknowledged that in recent months he had been fearful, believed that his neighbors conspired against him and he could be seen talking to himself. In addition, they explained that for the past few years he had been using marijuana on a regular basis to control his behavior and as an aid for his meditation sessions.

As the doctors explain, the very serious genital injury that was caused could be controlled thanks to the emergency surgery team that treated him. So the psychiatrist forced him to give up marijuana and recommended that she take risperidone twice a day, a chemical compound used to treat schizophrenia and other similar types of mental disorders. Two weeks after treatment, the patient denied any type of neighborhood conspiracy against him and having heard the voices he used to hear.

Marijuana is a psychoactive drug that is banned in many countries around the world, including India. However, its frequent consumption in religious ceremonies and in social gatherings of various kinds have made its prohibition impossible in practice, causing cases as dramatic as this one.