Historical Cold Weather In Spain: These Are The Cities Where

Historical cold weather in Spain: these are the cities where it will snow the most

Meteorologists expect up to 20 centimeters of snow to fall in Madrid from Thursday.

Spain is preparing for the arrival of a cold wave that will leave half the country covered in snow. After a start to 2021 marked by frost and snowfall, the trend is for the polar cold to remain throughout the week, in addition, it is expected to interact with a moisture-laden Atlantic storm, which could lead to heavy snowfall which could be very exceptional, especially in the center and interior of the peninsular east, as explained by the meteorologists of eltiempo.es.

On Three Kings Day the sky will be covered in the entire southern half of the country, with a storm between the and the peninsula, the warm front associated with it will reach Andalusia leaving very intense rains in the Gulf of Cádiz, which can be very strong in the province of Cadiz.

In the afternoon-night, the cold air that we will have all week settled on the Peninsula could interact with the humid air coming from the storm that will be approaching the peninsular southwest and already at night and early on Thursday 7th. first precipitation in the form of snow may occur in eastern Andalusia during the afternoon of Wednesday at levels of about 1000 meters of altitude.

In the first half of Thursday, the rainfall will advance from the south towards the center and east of the peninsula, also affecting the Balearic Islands. They would be in the form of snow, if the forecast is confirmed, at levels of 400-600 meters in the southern half and center of the peninsula.

It could snow in almost all Castilla-La Mancha, east of Andalusia, southeast of the Community of Madrid, south of Aragon and inland areas of the Community of Valencia and the Region of Murcia. The accumulated thicknesses can be very prominent in high areas.

Thus, on Friday this storm could be located on the southwest of the Peninsula and we could have snowfall again in the aforementioned Communities, as well as in Castilla y León, inland Catalonia, La Rioja and southern Navarra.

The weekend snowfall may occur in the northern half of the country, but the truth is that several days ahead there is still a lot of uncertainty in the forecast and there may still be significant changes in the forecast. The Canary Islands will also be fully affected by the storm, in the archipelago there will be intense rains accompanied by storms throughout the week.

The atmospheric setup will be the key for this storm to be historic; the shock of air masses is behind this episode of snowfall expected in the second half of the week.

In the coming days we will continue under the influence of a mass of very cold air of polar origin in Spain, but with the arrival of a storm from the southwest from Wednesday night, Three Kings’ Day, there will be an entry of warmer air into lower levels of the atmosphere that will favor an increase in instability, generating precipitation.

In addition, with this storm settling in the southwest of the peninsula during Thursday and Friday, the lift flow in the entire eastern half of the Peninsula will be providing a supply of humidity that will favor copious snowfalls in the southeast and center of the country.