Red Weather Alert: The Worst Of The Filomena Storm Is

Red weather alert: the worst of the Filomena storm is yet to come

According to the forecast of the State Meteorological Agency, even lower temperatures are expected in Spain next week. The storm that affects all of Spain and that meteorologists have called Filomena will continue to leave intense rains in the Canary Islands, Andalusia and Ceuta and snowfall from south to north until at least Saturday, to […]

Historical Cold Weather In Spain: These Are The Cities Where

Historical cold weather in Spain: these are the cities where it will snow the most

Meteorologists expect up to 20 centimeters of snow to fall in Madrid from Thursday. Spain is preparing for the arrival of a cold wave that will leave half the country covered in snow. After a start to 2021 marked by frost and snowfall, the trend is for the polar cold to remain throughout the week, […]

The Five Weak Points Of The Government's Plan To Return

The five weak points of the Government’s plan to return to the stadiums

The limitation of capacity, the use of masks or the prohibition of eating and drinking generate certain questions for the experts. This is something as desired by some as it is feared by others: thousands of people in the same room for two hours cheering on a team could be the recurring nightmare of any […]

These Are The Reasons Why Spain Has Not Been Awarded

These are the reasons why Spain has not been awarded the Nobel for another year

The entire scientific community recognizes the discovery of the CRISPR/Cas 9 mechanism as one of the greatest discoveries in history. Francis Mojica, professor at the University of Alicante, has received as many calls these weeks as if he had won the Nobel. In fact, when he answers EL ESPAÑOL by phone, he confesses that “it’s […]

The Key To Lose Weight Eating: The Body Does Not

The key to lose weight eating: the body does not need the heat of fat

The mechanism that regulates temperature based on fat can be replaced by food intake, researchers say. When we think of fat images of love handles, lorzas, jowls and ‘floaters’ come to mind from our body. These small imperfections, which must be learned to love but also to control to avoid health problems derived from overweight […]

The Popular Diet That Helps You Lose Weight In A

The popular diet that helps you lose weight in a healthy way and avoid infections

A new study suggests that fasting “has the potential to beneficially modulate infectious gastrointestinal diseases.” Fasting before and during exposure to the bacteria Salmonella enterica protects mice from developing full-blown infection, in part because of the changes in the gut microbiome of animalsAccording to new research published in PLOS Pathogens by Bruce Vallance and colleagues […]

He Smoked Marijuana And Cut His Penis: "i Thought He

He smoked marijuana and cut his penis: “I thought he was talking about his neighbors”

Various scientific studies have shown that cannabis use can cause episodes of fatal psychosis in humans. That marijuana is a drug that can dramatically affect our mental faculties has been known for a long time. Different studies have shown that there is a direct relationship between prolonged cannabis use and the risk of developing diseases […]

This Is What Hides The Bread That Is Sold With

This is what hides the bread that is sold with a blue plastic closure

In some countries these plastic closures are used with color codes to indicate important data about the state of the bread. Whether it’s sliced ​​bread from a large supermarket chain, or from the small neighborhood store, most of these transparent or semi-transparent bags share a particular characteristic: are usually tied with a small plastic bow. […]

Lumps In The Neck: When To Worry And Consult A

Lumps in the neck: when to worry and consult a doctor

The vast majority of thyroid nodules are harmless, but others require diagnosis and treatment in a specialized unit. Feeling your neck when doing a regular activity, such as washing or dressing, and finding solid lumps to the touch can be a distressing experience for many. What are they, and how can they affect health? The […]

The New Normality Reaches The Autonomous Communities With Incidents 25

The new normality reaches the Autonomous Communities with incidents 25 times greater than those of the 2020 de-escalation

The criteria for reopening a year ago were extremely strict, despite the fact that ICU incidents and occupations were much lower. How fragile is a criterion for a couple of videos to make it wobble? Six and a half months waiting for May 9 and, when it arrives, a few hundred people celebrate, the nets […]