The Love Triangle Of Nasa Astronauts That Almost Ended In

The love triangle of NASA astronauts that almost ended in tragedy

It marks a decade in the story of astronaut Lisa Nowak, accused of kidnapping and attempted murder of a companion, a rival for the love of another astronaut.

From left to right: Oefelein, Shipman and Nowak.

Sometimes the passion ends in crime. You don’t have to look in novels, soap operas, in other times or in the humblest classes of society. Also those who reach higher and supposedly have a well-furnished brain are likely to commit madness for love. One of the most gruesome episodes of the NASA history has to do with a love triangle, jealousy, an unlikely journey and an attempted kidnapping and murder.

It all happened a decade ago now, in 2007. Lisa Nowak, 43, married with three children, US Navy captain and astronaut who participated in a space shuttle mission Discovery, was in a relationship with William Oefelein, 41-year-old Marine pilot who was also part of the Discovery crew on a mission to the International Space Station and was single with two children. However, he also had an affair with the engineer Colleen Shipman. Oefelein later clarified that he had already ended his love affair with Lisa when he started a new one with Colleen.

It seems that Lisa did not accept that ending, so one day he went for his rival. He traveled by car from Houston, Texas, to the Orlando airport, Florida, two points separated by more than 1,400 kilometers, in 14 hours. The story of that journey has such incredible details as Lisa wearing a diaper so you don’t have to stop to go to the bathroom. She was armed with a knife and a gun, intending to kidnap Shipman and possibly kill her. kill her, according to the Orlando District Attorney, who presented as evidence a video in which she is seen waiting at the airport to attack her rival with pepper spray.

The incident did not go beyond that small aggression because Nowak was arrested immediately. In the corresponding trial it was declared culpable and apologized to the victim and, finally, he paid his action with two days in jail and one year of probation. In addition, she was expelled from NASA and divorced her husband.

New life in Alaska

Yes, it sounds like the script of one of those infamous American TV series that Spanish television broadcasts on weekends at siesta time, with its essential happy ending, since Oefelein and Shipman married in 2010They started a new life in Alaska and have a son. In addition, she has become a writer and a few months ago she published his first novel under the pseudonym CM McCoy.

However, in the interviews he has granted to the American media on the occasion of the tenth anniversary confess what’s next traumatized for what happened, that after the incident he spent six months without leaving home and that even today he has anxiety symptoms and is armed.

The story has had quite an echo in popular culture. Even the Spanish punk rock group Airbag dedicated a song to him, but logically the one who has taken advantage of it the most is the TV, including an episode of the series Law inspired by these events.

You will die in the space