These Are The Best Ice Creams For The Health Of

These are the best ice creams for the health of the ‘super’ in Spain according to the OCU

Supermarket ice creams have excess calories that generally come from excess sugars and, in some cases, fats.

A woman eats a strawberry popsicle.

The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has compared 50 ice creams aimed especially at children, reviewing the labeling and nutritional characteristics, and has come to the conclusion that children’s ice creams have a high caloric valueexcept the ones made of ice.

And it is that, among the ingredients that attract attention due to their widespread presence are the additives. In many cases, the full name of the additive appears instead of its code. E, as more and more consumers identify these ingredients and the products are likely to be rejected.

Fat levels vary depending on the type of ice cream: the ones that have the least are the water polo type and the ones with the most fat are the sandwich or cone type. On the other hand, a common factor in all of them is the high amount of sugar.

In these products, especially aimed at consumption by the smallest dyes abound too, which provide striking colors characteristic of this type of product. Dyes such as chlorophylls (E-141), anthocyanins (E-163), curcumin (E-100) and ammonium caramels (E-150c) or ammonium sulphite caramel (E-150d) have been found.

To avoid or minimize the use of colorants, some manufacturers add ingredients that perform this same function that are not classified as additives, such as beet juice concentrate or elderberry juice concentrate.

The aromas are also present in almost all of the sample analyzed by OCU. Its function is to contribute or enhance one that is already present. At the poles, basically made up of a mixture of water and sugar, they are responsible for Lemon flavor The Orange flavor product characteristics