Uk Recruits More Volunteers For Vaccine Combination Trial

UK recruits more volunteers for vaccine combination trial

An English investigation will determine the safety and effectiveness of administering two different Covid vaccines in each dose.

Vial and syringe to vaccinate.

The UK will expand with more volunteers and new types of vaccines a trial designed to establish the effectiveness of supplying two different preparations against Covid-19 in the first and second dose.The researcher at the head of this program, Matthew Snape, from the University of Oxford, explained this Wednesday that plans to recruit 1,050 new volunteers over 50 years of age who have already received an injection with the Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccine after 12 weeks.They will receive a second dose of the same vaccines or of the preparations of Modern (already approved) or Novavax, which is expected to obtain the approval of the British authorities shortly.The trial, called Com-Cov and which is in charge of the so-called National Immunization Evaluation Consortium, began last February with the participation of some 800 volunteers over the age of 50 residing in England.This first group was administered the Oxford/AstraZeneca preparation followed by Pfizer/BioNTech and vice versa, with a time gap between the two of 12 weeks.Experts want to analyze the possibility that the combination of vaccines offers a broader and longer lasting immunity against the coronavirus and its new variants, which would also make the vaccination campaign more flexible in the event of possible supply problems.

Close results

Com-Cov plans to present preliminary results of the first phase next month, while those of this second expanded phase could be available in June or July, although both trials will last about 13 months.

“If we can show that this mixed process generates as good an immune response as the standard process, without a significant increase in vaccine reactions, this will allow more people to complete their Covid-19 immunization cycle more quicklySnape told the BBC.

The best-case scenario, he said, is that “we don’t have to rule out” any of the potential vaccine combinations. “That is the objective, to see if there is some combination we shouldn’t offer because it does not generate a good immune response. I trust that this will not happen,” added the expert.

Till the date, More than 32 million people have received the first dose of a Covid vaccine in the UK, while 7.8 million are already immunized with the two punctures.

Apart from this Com-Cov trial, the authorities have indicated that, for now, citizens will continue to receive the same type of preparation for the entire cycle, although another brand can be administered if the same is not available, as recommended by the Joint Committee on Vaccination (JCVI).