Weather Forecast In Spain: The Forecast For Tuesday, December 1

Weather forecast in Spain: the forecast for Tuesday, December 1

The State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) predicts rain tomorrow in points of the south that will be strong in the Canary Islands.

Forecast for Tuesday, December 1.

The weather forecast for this Tuesday announces clouds and precipitation in different points of the peninsular south and also in the Canary archipelago, where the rains will be locally strong and persistent in the west of the islands, according to the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet).

In the extreme west of Andalusia and the area of ​​the Strait, the showers will tend to subside throughout the day, although on the coast of the Gulf of Cadiz they can be accompanied by a storm and be locally strong.

Forecast for Tuesday, December 1.

In the rest of the peninsular southwest quadrant there will be cloudy intervals, without ruling out some weak and scattered downpour in Extremadura and the rest of western Andalusia; An increase in cloudiness is also expected in the southeast of the peninsula, with an increasing probability of weak precipitation as the day progresses.

In the rest of the country,redomino of a clear sky or with high clouds, with an increase in low-type cloudiness in the Cantabrian area at the end of the day.

The maximum temperatures will rise in the west of the plateau and Andalusia, will descend on the Basque coast and will remain with few changes in the rest, while the minimums also change little, with slight decreases in the northern half and some weak and scattered frosts in the mountain areas of the north and east of the peninsula, more intense in the Pyrenees.

As for the wind, it is expected get up strong in the Strait and strong intervals of Levante in the rest of the southern Mediterranean area, with a southwesterly direction in the Canary Islands, an eastern component in Galicia and a weak one in the rest of Spain.

Forecast by autonomous communities:

– GALICIA: Slightly cloudy sky with intervals of high clouds and some mist and fog in the Miño valley and its tributaries, although throughout the day the cloudiness will increase in the northern half, with some medium and high clouds in the rest and the possibility of some rain on the Cantabrian coast at the last minute; downward temperatures prevail, with light winds that will tend to increase in the afternoon.

– ASTURIAS: Few clouds in the morning, with mists and fog banks, which will increase in the afternoon and will bring some weak showers at the end of the day in the eastern half; slight changes in the thermometers and weak and scattered frosts in the mountain range, while the wind will be weak from the east on the coast, although it will increase in intensity in the afternoon and from a variable direction in the interior.

– CANTABRIA: Little cloudy in the morning and more cloudy sky in the afternoon with some rain and even storms in the northeast; almost unchanged temperatures although falling and weak frosts in the high areas; the wind will be light variable and will turn to west and northwest components.

– BASQUE COUNTRY: The clear skies of the first hour, with some mist and fog, will give way to others covered with less probable and intense weak rains in the south; the thermometer remains unchanged although it has a tendency to descend in Álava, while the wind, which is weak and variable in the morning, will shift to west and northwest components in the afternoon, intensifying along the coast.

– CASTILE AND LEON: In general clear even with cloudy intervals in the northeast, although the trend in the second half of the day will be overcast, without ruling out weak precipitation at night in the extreme north; minimum temperatures without changes in the northeast quadrant and in slight decrease in the rest, and maximum in slight decrease or without changes, with light frosts and wind from the northeast direction.

– NAVARRA: Mist, fog and some low clouds in the morning that will thicken until they cover the sky and generate more probable and intense weak rains in the northwest; temperatures, without major changes and a tendency to drop, with light frosts in the Pyrenees and a light wind from the northwest, with more intense intervals in the Ribera.

– THE RIOJA: Little cloudy in Rioja Alta, but with a tendency to cover the sky in the second half of the day, without ruling out weak precipitation at night; thermometers without major changes, weak frosts in the Ibérica and wind from northwest and north directions.

– ARAGON: Clear in the morning although it will be covered throughout the day, especially in the Pyrenees where rainfall is expected from midday, with the snow level at 1,300/1,500 meters, although at the last minute it can drop to 1,000 meters; falling thermometers, especially in the Pyrenees where frost is also expected; light wind that will increase until it is moderate in the Ebro valley and the Pyrenees.

– CATALONIA: Intervals of medium and high clouds that, in the case of the Pyrenees and also the Ampurdán, may discharge weak and scattered showers, with a snow level of 1,300/1,500 metres; temperatures drop in the Pyrenees and in points of the interior, although no changes are expected in the rest; loose wind from the west with a moderate to strong increase in the northeast of Gerona and the south of Tarragona and very strong gusts at the end of the day.

– EXTREMADURA: Mists, fog banks and high clouds, with minimum temperatures that tend to drop and maximum temperatures that will remain unchanged, in addition to a light easterly wind.

– MADRID: Clear sky although with some intervals of high clouds that will thicken at the last minute; thermometers, with few changes and a downward trend; the frosts, weak in the high levels of the sierra and the wind, weak from the north.

– CASTILLA LA MANCHA: Generally clear, even with some low clouds in the morning in Albacete and the La Mancha area, which will thicken at the end of the day in the northern half of the region; temperatures will barely change, although they will have a downward trend and will produce weak frosts in the Cuenca mountain range and the Guadalajara mountain range; variable light wind in the morning, which will get worse in the east of Cuenca and Albacete at the last minute.

– VALENCIAN COMMUNITY: Blue sky in the morning, with some mist and fog, which will see an increase in medium and high clouds in the afternoon; the thermometers remain without major changes although there is a tendency to rise and the winds will be light although in the northern interior of Castellón they will blow from moderate to strong with very strong gusts at the end of the day.

– MURCIA: Overcast sky and probable fog in the mountains, without ruling out weak precipitation in Campo de Cartagena first thing in the morning, although it will clear up later; the thermometers, almost without changes and the winds, loose variables in the interior and from the north, turning to the west in the afternoon on the coast.

– BALEARES: Intervals of clouds with a low probability of some weak and occasional precipitation, although in the afternoon the sky will cloud over and bring rain and showers to Menorca; Night temperatures without changes and during the day in slight decrease and wind from the north, weak or calm until the night.

– ANDALUSIA: Clouds in the early hours that will tend to clear as the day progresses, with minimum temperatures falling in the western half and unchanged in the rest and rising maximums in the eastern and western extremes, and falling in the other areas; Variable light wind with an easterly component on the Atlantic and Almeria coasts until morning and picks up in the Strait, which will subside in the afternoon.

– CANARY ISLANDS: In the mountainous islands, cloudy intervals with locally strong and persistent rainfall on the slopes facing south and west, while in Lanzarote and Fuerteventura the probability of weak rains is low even with cloudy intervals; thermometers without major changes and wind from the southwest direction occasionally strong in the exposed areas of the mountainous islands and with very strong gusts or strong intervals from the southwest direction on the summits of the western ones.